Sunday, May 8, 2011

Crooked Cops in Northern California Town

This kind of thing is probably a bigger problem than we realize. SFGate reports.
A second member of an anti-drug law enforcement squad in Contra Costa County was charged Friday with selling drugs seized in raids and other crimes.

San Ramon police Officer Louis Lombardi, 38, of Discovery Bay was charged with stealing guns, selling drugs, embezzlement, illegally possessing an assault rifle and conspiracy.
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  1. Mikeb: These are the same crooked cops that you and your kind believe should be able to determine whether people have a right to protect themselves.

    These are also the same crooked cops that you and your kind believe should be the only ones who have access to modern firearms and firearm accessories.

    These are also the same crooked cops that you are your kind believe should be able to carry a gun anywhere they want. Openly at that.

  2. Not really AztecRed. I want the good cops to do all that.

  3. Mikeb, My boyfriend was stopped yesterday and pushed against a fence like if he had some something wrong which he had not! Getting to the point, money-$100 to be exact, was taken from him illegaly. I filed a complaint. One officer told me chances of getting it back where "slim to none." I believe something should be done about these crooked cops. They ARE NOT above the law. They should not get away with it. Any advice? (Took place in pacoima ca)

  4. Yes, my advice is to be very careful. Roughing your boyfrined up and ripping him off for $100 is probably the least of their crimes. Stay out of their way and if you think you can report them without becoming too much of a target, go for it.

  5. Of course, many of them (Cops) are going to abuse their power because now they can. The federal government has made it possible for them to abuse their power by circumventing or outright destruction of our Bill of Rights of the Constitution of the United States (our fore-fathers are rolling in their graves). The Forth Amendment has been completely removed---doesn't exist in the law anymore. They can potentially arrest you for a false charge of terrorism and basically throw away the key, or just kill you and make up an excuse to cover their butts. The few cops that are good can't do anything about it because they are the minority. Free Speech (First Amendment) has been circumvented by the main stream media because there are only 5 corporations that own all the media. All news is filtered by corporate elites. Only what they want the public to know is broadcast. The media elite are in cahoots with the Feds and various corrupt state governments. The internet may be the only source left of truthful news, but it is swamped with misinformation and you have to work hard to filter out the boloney. The freedom of Assembly in the First Amendment has been circumvented by new unconstitutional laws that allows "police designated free speech zones" trumping the ability to be heard and address grievances as the U.S. Constitution guarantees. And of course, the Feds and the police in states like California are trying desperately to make gun ownership impossible. All the while they the police are being militarized. In 2005, Congress using the phony excuse of terrorism, gave billions of tax payer money to cities and counties all over the USA designated for police and sheriff departments to buy military weapons and millions of rounds of ammunition. Do you really think they were worried the rag-tag groups of Taliban or Alquada would be able to launch an invasion of the USA? Give me a break. The US has the most powerful military in the world. We spend four times more than the next most powerful military on Earth, the Red Chinese police state, (you know, where we buy all our manufactured goods these days, helping to finance the Red Chinese military dictatorship, and putting millions of Americans out of work). We no longer are a "FREE COUNTRY". We only have the illusion of one. We are a "POLICE STATE"---no getting around it. I dare you, just start using your free speech rights to address your grievances, and see how fast you will be monitored, and followed, and maybe even an agent will infiltrate your grass roots organization.