Sunday, May 8, 2011

Syracuse Cops Shoot and Kill Mentally Ill Man who had a Pellet Gun


On Thursday, two sheriff’s deputies and one Syracuse police officer ended Benjamin Campione’s decades-long struggle with mental illness by shooting him dead when he pointed a pellet gun at them in the parking lot of the Regional Transportation Center.


  1. Guy points gun at cops. Cops shoot guy. Sounds about right.

    I am curious as to which mental illness this person was diagnosed with.

  2. "I am curious as to which mental illness this person was diagnosed with."

    At the very least, a severe case of the dumbass.

  3. Didn't the article say schizophrenia?

    Anyway, don't you hard asses have any problem at all with people being shot for having a toy gun.

  4. Mike - should the police wait for him to shoot his weapon in order to determine if it is a real weapon or not? Are the officers supposed to risk being shot when presented with a weapon? You post stories about police being shot and killed - are those supposed to make us feel good that the police did not shoot the criminal first? I don't understand what you expect to happen when a person points what looks to be a weapon at a police officer. I always ask you if the police should wait for the person to shoot first and on the occassions that you do answer you usually say no.

  5. MikeyB, don't you dumb-asses have a problem with Mr. schizophrenia not being treated for his mental problems?

  6. I have a problem with his not being treated for his mental illness AND having easy access to a toy gun that looks too real to be safe. I also have a problem with cops that don't take the proper care in determining if there's really lethal threat or not. In this case there WAS NO LETHAL THREAT. I have a problem with that.

    If the cops did everything humanly possible to determine the level of threat and still made a mistake, fine. But I don't think that's what usually happens. Like the macho homeowner who revels in the castle doctrine, they often shoot first and figure it out later.