Sunday, May 8, 2011

Alaska Gun Shop Case

NECN.con reports on the way gun-friendly states conspire to make it easy for criminals and mentally ill folks to get guns.
The case involves a gun used to kill Simone Young Kim in 2006 outside a store in Juneau for no apparent reason. The gun was obtained at the Rayco Sales gun shop.

Ray Coxe, owner of the store, has said the shooter — Jason Coday — chose the rifle, put $200 on the counter and left without completing the required paperwork.

Coday, 33, is serving a 101-year sentence after being convicted of first-degree murder.
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  1. I didn't go looking but did the coverage indicated whether the shooter did the killing right after he walked out of the store, without an intermediate stop? If he did so does that mean that he brought his own ammo to the store? Does it mean that the store's owner gave him a gun AND ammo without doing any paperwork?

    If he didn't shoot the victim immediately after leaving the store had the owner notified either local, state or federal authorities of the fact that required documentation relating to the sale had not been completed.

    It's cases like this one that make me think that your "10%" figure doesn't beging to cover the number of idiots/criminals who are allowed to both buy and sell guns.

  2. 10% doesn't cover it by a longshot. Amendment coming soon.