Sunday, October 2, 2011

Special Training for Aurora CO Police

As we've mentioned before Aurora Colorado is about the worst place in the country to be a criminal. reports that due to all the police shootings this year, the cops are going to get special mandatory training.

Aurora Police Chief Dan Oates has ordered each of the city's officers to attend specialized training after the city's eighth officer-involved shooting of the year occurred early Thursday.

In a letter Friday to all officers, Oates noted the "disproportionately high number of officer-involved shootings" this year and the wounding of two officers by gunfire. Taken together, he said, it convinces him that it is time for the force to review officer safety techniques and the proper time to use deadly force.
I was thinking maybe the cops will get a two-week intensive course at some Parris-Island type facility. My suggestion in the as-we've-mentioned-before link was a bit too much I realize.

About the training, I say every work day, one hour. Some of that can be practicing techniques like someone said above and some of it can be actual shooting.
Just like anyone else who wants to carry a gun, they need to be practiced and qualified, even more so since, as cops, that’s their job.
But what are they planning in Aurora?

The department has a new high-tech simulator to practice scenarios in which deadly or nondeadly force may come into play, and Oates said he is eager to give the simulator a full workout.

The training program will also cover "de-escalation skills," including tactical retreat, and it will stress the use of nonlethal force.

"We really like the idea of a whole day devoted to this kind of stuff,"
A WHOLE DAY! Is that a riot, or what? Some of the most trigger-happy cops in America are going to get a whole day of training to learn restraint and de-escalation techinques.

My opinion is this is pitifully inadequate. The training should be far more than that. The savings on one or two avoided unnecessary shootings would more than make up for the cost. I mention that because obviously the loss of human life doesn't seem to motivate.

What's your opinion? Do the cops have inadequate training now? Do you think a one-day program is sufficient to effect change and result in improvement?

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  1. "As we've mentioned before Aurora Colorado is about the worst place in the country to be a criminal."

    So don't be a criminal in Aurora, Colorado.

  2. No way fat man it's more than that. Denver and Aurora cops kill you first then ask questions.

  3. I think One Fly is right. Those Aurora cops are dangerous. Luckily, they're gonna get a whole day's training.