Monday, March 5, 2012

14 People Shot at Arizona Concert

ABC reports

Hundreds of concert-goers waiting outside an Arizona nightclub for a hip-hop show fled in panic as shooting erupted involving three gunmen, leaving at least 14 people wounded. Police arrested one suspect and were hunting two others.

"People were running in all different directions, and some people were trying to force their way into the bar to get away," police spokesman Lt. Mike Horn said. "It was incredibly chaotic, and understandably so. Again, we're just fortunate that no one was killed."
What's your opinion? Is the fact that Arizona is one of the easiest places to get guns a part of this? Do these things happen more often in places like Arizona?

My belief is the gun-rights folks in Arizona and in the nation can take some responsibility for this. If it weren't for their success in keeping gun laws as ineffectual as they are, many of these incidents would not happen.

What do you think? Please leave a comment.


  1. Up in Boston this weekend, seven were gunned down at a classical music recital on tremont st. When will we ban these weapons to finally end this violence?

  2. Ah, the shooters are believed to be a part of a Phoenix gang. If all of your proposals and many more were enacted, these gangs would continue in their activities. They get drugs from other countries, despite our laws. They would get guns from the same source. Why are you incapable of understanding this, Mikeb?

  3. If we could enact gun control like the U.K., we would be so much safer. In fact the U.K. is so safe now that their police officers don't even have to carry pistols any more. Oh, wait, the police do carry sidearms over there.

    Why is that? If gun control works, why do the police still carry guns in the U.K.? Maybe it's because it is exceedingly easy to purchase an illegal gun or just make your own from a few dollars worth of parts available at hardware stores.

    1. I'll bet you don't know what's going on in the UK any more than I do. You get your info from other gun rights guys who are repeating what they've heard. Or you read news reports which often have a biased slant and are unreliable.

      Talk about what you know.