Sunday, June 10, 2012

Accidental Shooting while Turkey Hunting - Hidden Criminal Hunter Arrested

 Local news reports

Officials with the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency say they've arrested the hunter responsible for accidentally shooting another man in April.

Officers say Nicky Hayes, 34, was using a metal detector in a Claiborne County field when he was shot by a turkey hunter.

Hayes suffered serious injuries. 

Officials with the TWRA say the hunter was later identified as Chase Myers, 28. 

They say he was arrested Friday and charged with reckless aggravated assault and hunting without permission.
You know, we reported several turkey-hunting incidents but I don't think we picked up on this one.

Is turkey hunting more dangerous than, say, deer hunting?

In any case, we must take notice that the guilty party was one of those "bad rules be damned" fellows.  A felony charge sounds about right for him.

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