Monday, January 28, 2013

Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke: Arm Yourselves

via Penigma

More right wing extremist efforts to promote Vigilantism

Want to bet this guy gets a lot of NRA and related money? If he can't do his job he should get down off his high horse, and lead it into the sunset, making room for someone who is competent to do the job. This is what the right tries to do when it cuts spending on essential services like law enforcement in the name of smaller government, at the same time they are generous in handing out corporate welfare, and taxing the rich less. It is just one more way to gin up fear, sell guns, and profit one of their core special interests.

This is NOT good government, it is an attempt at legislating bloody anarchy.


  1. Since he stated that because of budget cuts and having to lay off police there response time has became a waitibg game so he should quite your retarted.

  2. And yet, when Dog Gone, one of the two authors at Penigma, was being stalked, what did she do? She got a carry license and a gun. In other words, she followed this sheriff's advice.

  3. How is this sheriff legislating anything? And what bloody anarchy? Anarchy simply means no ruler. Do you need a ruler to direct your little life, Mikeb? I don't know anyone who needs someone to tell them how to live their life.

    Mikeb doesn't think people should be aware and vigilant in protecting themselves. He doesn't believe in self-defense, but believes in cartoon character and superheroes coming to the rescue of victims. He believes people should be victims not self-reliant, independent people responsible for their own safety.

    No, what Mikeb would like to see is this sheriff sending his deputies to everyone's house to take away and confiscate the individuals ability to protect themselves.

    orlin seller

  4. Yup, she sure did, and Laci the Dog was a concealed carrier in PA and has never gotten rid of his guns.

  5. Yup DG was real quick to get herself a gun, and Laci the Dog was a concealed carrier in PA and has never gotten rid of his evil guns...

    1. Thomas I deleted your other comment because it contained a filthy lie about me which I don't want to waste time denying and bickering over.

      These two comments are based upon a lie too, apparently you have to resort to such bullshit tactics since your argument is for shit.

      Neither Laci nor Dog Gone nor myself think that guns are evil and no one should ever own them. We've said as much many times, yet you continue. Do us all a favor and knock off the bullshit.