Tuesday, March 26, 2013

The Dumbest States in the US

dumb and stupid 150x150 Top 5 dumbest states in America

Mad Mike's America

I just read a report about the top five dumbest states in America AND they are all in the Southeast! That didn’t surprise me a bit; I have lived in Alabama for seven years now. But actually, for once, Alabama did not make this negative list although it did make the Top 10. All kidding aside, I actually have grown fond of Alabama, but I digress.

Apparently the people conducting this study looked at things like SAT scores, drop out numbers, percent of population with high school diplomas, number of college graduates, and even the number of TV-watching hours by teens. But all they really needed to do was take a drive and count the number of confederate flags flying in any given state. Those with the most would be the dumbest states. They could also count the number of republicans to find the dumbest state, but this is not a political commentary so I’ll move on.
So, here are the top five dumbest states in the nation:

You can click over to Mad Mike's to read the list and the explanation. But, I'll give you a hint. They love their guns.


  1. The only thing stupider than people who write studies, another word for lies, are the dumb asses who read and believe and quote them.

    Hi, I'm a moron from one of the dumbest states and I wrote a study on the dumbest states, a-yuka yuka!

    jesus h cristo!!!!

    orlin sellers

  2. Ah, the arrogance of the snobby elitist. You do realize that Vermont, New Hampshire, and Maine love guns too, right? How about Washington state? In fact, most states have good gun laws.

    1. Shhhhhhh! don't say that so loud. you're interfering with his narrative and keeping him from being able to revel in his racism.

      Yes, I said racism. He just quoted Dog Gone saying that racism is the singling out of any group. Well, Mike singles out white southerners. And then he tries to justify his prejudice the same way other racists try to justify their racism against blacks, etc.

  3. Look at states with high black populations
    Look at IQ by race charts
    Look at states with low scores