Wednesday, May 29, 2013

California Dad Kills One Daughter, Wounds Another, Commits Suicide

Fox News

A man shot and killed his adult daughter in a Central California home with her three young children inside, also shooting and wounding another daughter before apparently turning the gun on himself, authorities said.

Jennifer Kimble, 37, was found dead from multiple gunshot wounds by deputies responding to a call from her 8-year-old daughter, the Tulare County Sheriff's Department said in a statement. Kimble's two sons, ages 13 and 11, were also in the house, but all three kids were unharmed.

Deputies also found Kimble's father Anthony Alvarez, 63, dead from what appeared to be a self-inflicted gunshot wound, sheriff's officials said.

Another daughter, Valerie Alvarez, 33, had at least one gunshot wound and was flown to a Fresno hospital in critical condition. She was stabilized and having surgery, sheriff's spokeswoman Sgt. Chris Douglass said.

Sounds like another wonderful example of a family that was much better off with a gun.  The gun owner protected his daughters and their families from home invasions and mad rapists - right up until the day he went nuts.

What's your opinion?  Would he have done exactly as much damage with a knife if no gun had been available?

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  1. Kills one, wounds another, then kills himself? Yup, he could have used a knife. But this is California, the Brady Bunch paradise. This story must be in error, since nothing like this is possible in the land of gun control.

  2. "Would he have done exactly as much damage with a knife if no gun had been available?"

    It is exceedingly easy to murder another person when that person trusts you implicitly -- as would normally be the case with an adult father and adult daughter. The father in this case could have just as easily and successfully murdered his daughter with a knife, hammer, steel pipe, or poison.

    If someone that you trust implicitly is determined to murder you, you really have no chance, whether you carry a firearm or not. But that isn't the reason for carrying a firearm. We carry firearms to protect ourselves from people who are not trustworthy and have demonstrated clear intent and capability to severely injure or murder us right now.

    - TruthBeTold