Monday, May 27, 2013

Texas Politicians Exempt Themselves from Concealed Carry Rules

Dallas News

After taking some heat for quietly exempting themselves from the law on concealed carry, state lawmakers decided to revisit the bill.

And they did end up changing it. Now, they’ve just not exempted themselves, but all members of Congress, too.

“This is a bad move on their part,” said Rep. Kenneth Sheets, R-Dallas.

Earlier this week, lawmakers added language into a bill that was designed to levy penalties for keeping guns out of public buildings where they should be allowed. The new language said the nine statewide elected officials and all 150 members of the Legislature who held concealed handgun licenses could carry their guns anywhere in Texas.

Under state law, CHL holders are prohibited from carrying guns into a handful of public places, including bars, sporting events, schools and federal buildings. Also excluded are privately-owned buildings that have a no-weapons sign posted.

We usually hear the gun-rights crybabies complaining about how the police are the "only ones" who can do things with guns that the regular civilians cannot.  In Texas it seems like the politicians are also guilty of this.

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  1. Texas isnt the only place to be going in this direction. Many states already allow it. For example, for a carry permit holder to carry on Capitol grounds, you have but to send a letter to the head of the Department of Public Safety that you intend to carry on Capitol grounds. It isnt asking permission, just serving notice.
    In Colorado, Regular permit holders arent allowed to carry at the Capitol, but those who have access through other locked doors can then bypass the security checkpoints. Its well known among legislators that some of their peers carry on the floor. Keep in mind that under Colorado state law, they are required to screen access to restricted facilities using metal detectors.
    Am I suprised? Not really. Just as there are many politicians who use their position to claim a need for a carry permit in jurisdictions that make it very hard or impossible for regular citizens to get one.
    How do you feel about government functionaries getting to carry in restricted areas when the unwashed citizenry have to count on the speed and availability of law enforcement?

  2. Police, politician--it's still a favored class that gets to enjoy rights that the people in general are forbidden to exercise. That should offend your leftist sensibilities, Mikeb.

  3. We often hear the pro gun control crybabies calling people names and then whining when they get called names back.

    Our complaints about "only ones" are that your side often tells us that we're not qualified to carry because we don't have all the training and responsibility of the police, so we can't be trusted like they can, yet news stories show them behaving badly or shooting inaccurately more often than permit holders. That's a counterargument, not whining.

    As for this: sure, we've got a problem with it. We don't care for the pigs declaring that some animals are more equal than others. Of course, you've declared that whining before--just like Napoleon and his followers did if any of the other animals complained.

  4. This is just another example of why we "cry" about. Oh, we're supposed to be for it because most Texas legislators are Republicans? Don't project your level of bias onto others.