Saturday, June 1, 2013

Texas 2-Year-old Dead - Another Victim of the Gun Culture

Huffington Post reports

A Texas toddler died after shooting himself with a 9 mm handgun he found in his home yesterday, prompting Child Protective Services to take custody of two other children living there.

Trenton Mathis, a 2-year-old Cherokee County boy in east Texas, was pronounced dead at a Tyler hospital after he shot himself in the face.

Mathis' great grandmother, Carolyn, told the station that Trenton went looking for gum through a bedroom door that was not closed all the way. He got onto her bed, and found the handgun on a nightstand.

The home belongs to the Carolyn Mathis and her husband, who were present for the accidental shooting. The other two children were removed from the home by authorities after the incident, the Tyler Morning Telegraph reports. It wasn't immediately clear whether charges would be filed.

Whaaat???!!! It's not clear?

Well it is Texas, after all.

What's your opinion?  


  1. Adults who are responsible for children screw up all the time. As a result, children tragically drown (in pools, buckets, and even toilets), fall to their deaths, wander into traffic, consume poisonous substances, electrocute themselves, die in auto crashes, etc. When district attorneys prosecute every single one of those mishaps, I will support them prosecuting incidents like this 110%.

    1. They do prosecute some of them, just like they prosecute some of the gun negligence. They should do more.