Thursday, May 30, 2013

The Worst State in the Country

Business Insider

1. Mississippi. 

Lowest average life expectancy, poorest, fattest, second highest teen pregnancy rate and highest teen birth rate, one of the lowest high school graduation rates and still a lot of opposition to interracial marriage being legal.

The only people who staunchly opposed exiling the Magnolia State were residents of Alabama, who realized that the only reason they were not considered the worst state was because of the presence of Mississippi. Louisianans, however, were quite taken with the idea.

And to think, I always thought it was between Florida and Arizona.

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  1. When you present a Reddit user poll as fact, you damage what little credibility you have left.

    1. Which is kinda impressive when you think about it--it's not easy to get any less credible than he already was.

  2. Recently moved from GA to MS & it's been a nightmare. Highly prejudiced, bigoted, judgmental, fundamental, religious sh*thole place! No one's going to amount to anything here. Also think about people like M. Freeman, O. Winfrey, P. Posey, S. Stevens. etc. They've all "distanced" themselves from the place & for good reason! I will be glad when I get out of this HELL!!!