Sunday, August 11, 2013

Newtown CT Starbucks

This sign was posted on the front door of Starbucks in Newtown, Conn. after the store closed early on Friday, August 9, 2013.  Many Second Amendment supporters carried their firearms into Starbucks on Starbucks Appreciation Day to exercise their right to bear arms and thank the company for allowing firearms in their stores, as allowed by state law.  However, the Newtown Action Alliance urged gun owners to hold off, saying it is insensitive to the community that is still recovering from the mass shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School, just over a mile down the street. Photo: Contributed Photo / The News-Times Contributed


  1. So they are wisely staying out of the debate. And tomorrow it will be business as usual.

  2. I hate Starbuck's. It's the WalMart of coffeeshops, driving owner-run shops out of business, pushing their crap everywhere. The NRA pandering is just one more nauseating pimp that they run.

    1. Pimps run whores. You're confusing your slurs.

  3. I never understand businesses that don't want to make money.