Monday, December 23, 2013

More on the Reno Medical Center Shooter, Alan Frazier

Renown shooter Alan Frazier, right, pictured with his friend Charles Bigalow on Nov. 21, 2012.
Renown shooter Alan Frazier, right, pictured with his friend Charles Bigalow on Nov. 21, 2012. / Provided to the RGJ by Charles Bigalow

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The best friend of the California man who opened fire at a medical office this week said Friday that the man’s vasectomy complications left him so sick and weak that he could barely move.

“He was dying from this,” Charles Bigalow said of his childhood friend, Alan Oliver Frazier, in a telephone interview with the Reno Gazette-Journal. “He was wanting to be healthy again, but he was getting to where he couldn’t get out of bed.”

Bigalow, who now lives in Casper, Wyo., said he last spoke with Frazier on Saturday — three days before he entered the Reno offices of Urology Nevada and used a 12-gauge shotgun to kill a doctor and injure two others before fatally shooting himself.

“If I had any idea he was planning this, I would have been on an airplane in a minute — I would have stopped him in any way I possibly could,” Bigalow said as he broke down crying. “My heart goes out to the doctor, and the family. I’m really sorry it came to this.

“I know he was hurting. I don’t know what pushed him over the edge. I’ve been in tears about this for days. I’m in shock, disbelief.”


  1. Given the details, this isn't a random shooting. It's a revenge shooting.

    1. Sounds like a Greg, hillbilly, excuse. He had pain from a medical procedure, so of course he killed people for his revenge. Greg's "Justice is revenge" thinking that he has stated (see Steve's posted quotes by Greg).

    2. Jim, thanks for once again being an idiot. I wasn't justifying or applying moral standards here. I was categorizing.

    3. Your the one who thinks revenge is justice, you said so. That's hillbilly thinking.

    4. Greg's right and in that observation he contradicts his other claim that these guys are attracted to gun free zones.

    5. Mass shooters--in other words, those looking to go on a spree--are attracted to gun-free zones. This is a different type of shooting.

    6. The lying idiot, is you. Anyone who thinks revenge is justice, is just criminal thinking, and you prove it every time you open your cowardly lying mouth.

    7. I don't think so, Greg. Mass shooters, spree shooters as well as revenge shooters almost always go to the place of their grievance, imagined or real. They don't give a shit about the gun-free status of the place. Of course some of them are just listening to the little voice in their heads, which again means the are not attracted to the gun free zone. This is one of the big NRA lies which naturally you support.

    8. It's not a lie to note that a large percentage of these incidents happen at places where guns aren't allowed. As always, the point is that you disarm the victims.

    9. It is a lie to say revenge is justice. So you lied, again.