Sunday, December 22, 2013

Washington Man Pleads Guilty in Accidental Shooting Death of Young Boy

Trevor Braymiller

Local news reports with video

A convicted drug dealer will spend the next eight years behind bars in connection with the death of a 4-year old who accidentally shot himself.  

Trevor Braymiller told the Skagit County Court that he is sorry and accepts responsibility in the death of Dwayne Kerrigan. 

Kerrigan died last July in a Sedro Woolley home from a self-inflicted gunshot. Investigators determined Braymiller left the stolen handgun in the home he shared with Dwayne's mother in a location where the boy could find it. 

On Friday, Braymiller pleaded guilty to manslaughter.  The prosecutor's office joined the defense in recommending 95 months in prison.

Judge Needy agreed to the sentence, nearly eight years in prison, but noted this was the second accidental shooting death he'd presided over just this year.  

"It's an issue that continues to grow and continues to cause scenes like this in our courtrooms because of irresponsible handling of those weapons," Needy said.

Yeah, it's an issue that continues to grow.  That's from a man who should know, right?.  Yet what he sees is only the tip of the iceberg. For example, in this case the mother of the little boy was not charged. Was she not equally responsible?

And how many negligent shootings don't even merit charges at all? Usually if the guilty party has no criminal past and doesn't lie to the cops about what happened, they skate.

The judge is exactly right, these incidents are on the increase.  it's an epidemic that is growing despite all the nonsense we keep hearing from the pro-gun folks.

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  1. Except that the evidence about unintended shootings shows that the rate is down from years gone by. It's not on the rise.

    This man should spend much longer in prison than eight years, given that he stole property that was then used to harm an innocent person.

    1. Any proof to back up your statement that, "Except that the evidence about unintended shootings shows that the rate is down from years gone by. It's not on the rise."

    2. Yeah, Greg know better than a judge whose job it is to deal with these cases.

    3. The evidence comes from the CDC and so forth, looking at rates of unintended shootings. If you can't accept that, I can't help you. But I've said before, here and elsewhere, that I have no problem enhancing sentences for people who steal guns that are later used in crimes. The eight years given to this loser may be all that the current law allowed, but I'd support changing that law.

    4. Mike has used CDC numbers toprove his points and you gun loons call his numbers crap. But we are supposed to believe you, because you use CDC(?) numbers. Where is the URL to prove those numbers? You are known as this sites cowardly liar, you will have to show proof, not just your proven lying cowardly opinions.

    5. Right, not the lying criminal coward knows better than the judge. Typical thinking for a lying criminal.