Saturday, December 28, 2013

Pennsylvania Baby Killed - More Special Treatment for Negligent Civilian Gun Owners - No Charges


  1. "A local forensic team was at unit No. 8 of Countryside Apartments into Christmas morning, collecting evidence and taking photographs of the shooting scene.
    Also, detectives were interviewing neighbors and potential witnesses Tuesday night into the morning.
    Lancaster County District Attorney Craig Stedman said the girl's family — including the suspected shooter — had been cooperative.
    However, Stedman said it was too early to call the shooting an accident.
    "Obviously, we are investigating exactly how it took place," Stedman said early Christmas morning."

    He said the investigation was in its "preliminary" stages with interviews and forensic analysis still to be done.

    For some reason I cant watch the video, but I'm thinking this is the event you're talking about. And law enforcement seems to be taking this pretty seriously. Forensic analysis takes time. Especially if it is to be used in a trial.

    1. As soon as the shooter is identified he should be in handcuffs. Anything less is special treatment.