Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Historical trivia: What was the reason given by the Nazis for Kreystalnacht?

It's something which tends to fall out of the debate: especially if you are one of those people who think that Arming the Jews might have prevented the Holocaust.  So, the question is:

What was a reason given by the Nazis for Kreystalnacht?
  1. They didn't need a reason--they just hated the Jews.
  2. They were waiting for the right time to persecute Jews this way
  3. The Murder of a German diplomat in Paris by a Jewish person in protest of the Nazi treatment of the Jews.
  4. All of the Above
Part of me is interested in seeing your responses, which I probably won't read.  In fact, I have already posted the answer, which  I've set to post tomorrow.


  1. You're like an infection or a cyst or a really bad pimple.

  2. The idea that the German Jews could have stopped Hitler if they were armed, is as ridiculous as the idea that the German Jews had no guns. The Jews had guns and it took the whole world years to stop Hitler.