Monday, March 17, 2014

Massachusetts Woman Shoots Herself at the Gun Range - No Charges - It Was Just an Accident

A woman practicing shooting at a local firing range apparently shot herself accidentally this afternoon, according to police.
The victim was rushed to Sturdy Memorial Hospital in Attleboro.
Three firefighters were treating the woman in the back of the ambulance — an indication the injuries likely are serious, police said.
The incident was reported about 2 p.m. at the American Firearms School in the industrial park off John Dietsch Boulevard.
Witnesses said they speculate the woman’s gun may have jammed.
The woman appeared to fall backward, they said.

After the mishap, the range officer ordered everyone to stop firing and evacuate the shooting range, the witnesses added.


  1. It appears that there wont be any charges at all in this case.

    "Police say the death of a woman at a North Attleborough gun range appears accidental but remains under investigation.
    The woman apparently shot herself at the American Firearms School at about 2 p.m. Saturday.
    She was taken to Sturdy Memorial Hospital where she was pronounced dead Sunday. Her name was not released."

  2. No Charges! How terrible! I know that a Grand Jury will indict a ham sandwitch--why should a corpse be so tough?

  3. But, but... I thought gun ranges were supposed to be the SAFEST places on earth, what with all that safety training and guns around.

    1. Straw man fallacy.

    2. You claim to work with statistics, yet you can't comprehend even basic numbers. There are tens of thousands of ranges, and only a handful of accidents or suicides per year.

  4. "I thought gun ranges were supposed to be the SAFEST places on earth, what with all that safety training and guns around."

    Also shocking that it happened in a state that the Brady Campaign ranked sixth in having the "best" gun laws.

    1. I'm pleased to see so many Fs on that scorecard, including my state of residence. But you've got work to do in Minnesota with that disappointing C. You've got to work harder to fail the Brady Bunch test.

    2. "You've got to work harder to fail the Brady Bunch test."

      Actually, I sort of like where Minnesota is right now. It seems to sit in a perfect position to contradict the claims and fancy graphics that get posted here.
      Last legislative session when universal background checks were proposed at a state level, there was basically a large open carry event IN the Capitol when permit holders appeared to give testimony. (yes, permit holders can carry in the Capitol building) In fact, Joan reported she was very uncomfortable.
      This will also be happening again tomorrow in response to two gun bills that have been introduced.

      And I'm pretty sure Dog Gone is from around here since her blog seems to center on political news in the area. I imagine she isn't happy either. Drives them crazy that the state isn't following the preconceived norms that they believe of what DG refers to as "gun loonz".

    3. Excellent work that group does, and yes, I'm sure it drives Dog Gone and Joan crazy.

    4. The only reason Minnesota got a C is because the Bradys are grading on a severe curve.