Saturday, April 12, 2014

The Oscar Pistorius Trial

Oscar Pistorius weeps during his murder trial. AFP PHOTO

Local news reports

The "Bull Terrier" for the umpteenth time today reiterated that Pistorius could not take responsibility for anything. 

"Any firearm owner would say it is wrong."

Nel pressed Pistorius further on being negligent with his gun and the athlete finally conceded that he was negligent and it was wrong of him to leave his gun unattended on the boat.

The athlete also said the entire incident of firing his weapon out of the sunroof of the car was fabricated and untrue despite separate testimony's from his former friend Darren Fresco and ex-girlfriend Samantha Taylor.

He said both had different versions of the story and both had fabricated the fact that he had fired his gun out of the sunroof.

While questioning was continuing, Steenkamp’s mother June, slipped out of court quietly.

What do you think, guilty or not guilty? 

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