Thursday, April 10, 2014

Nebraska Man Dead - No Charges - It Was a Pure Accident

Justin Felty killed by his friend's negligence

 Local news reports

Justin Felty planned to go to a concert at the Bourbon Theatre and went to his best friend's apartment to hang out beforehand, said family friend Benjamin Cosier.
Former Northeast High School classmate Brannen Faulkner was showing Felty the handgun he had just purchased when he accidentally fired it in his apartment near 50th and R streets about 7:30 Friday evening, Lincoln police said. The shot hit Felty in the chest.
Justin Felty recently was discharged from the U.S. Army and was an artillery specialist at Fort Hood, his father said.
“He knew how to use a gun. That’s what makes this so hard.”
He said his son loved to tell jokes and spend time with his friends.
Justin Felty introduced his firearms hobby to Faulkner, 22, after he returned to Lincoln from the army, his dad said.
The two were like brothers, and Jeffrey Felty said his family has no ill feelings toward Faulkner.
“I’m not going to forgive him because there’s nothing to forgive,” he said. “It was a total accident.”
Faulkner bought the gun legally just hours before the accidental shooting and may not have known how to use it, police Capt. David Beggs said Friday evening

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