Sunday, April 6, 2014

Malloy Issues ACA Challenge to NRA

Gov. Dannel P. Malloy
Commemorating Connecticut's first anniversary of tougher gun laws, Gov. Dannel P. Malloy didn't mince words on Thursday, loudly challenging the National Rifle Association to support the federal Affordable Care Act and help expand opportunities for mental-health treatment.
Speaking in the same spot in an ornate Capitol meeting room where on April 4 of last year he signed gun restrictions in response to the Newtown School massacre, Malloy said that while the NRA professes to support enhanced mental-health opportunities, in reality it doesn't.
"There are those who will say this is not a gun problem, it's a mental-health problem, and today I want to challenge that," he said. "If it's a mental-health problem, NRA, why aren't you advocating for the ACA? Why aren't you criticizing governors who will not allow Medicaid to be delivered to their citizens, with its mental-health component? NRA, if you're serious about making America safer, you would join Connecticut, as we have had one of the most successful rollouts of the ACA, bringing mental-health treatment to tens of thousands of people who might not otherwise have it."
This very interesting article brings up a real problem.  When gun-rights extremism meets racist Obama-hate, things get bogged down. This is a perfect example.


  1. Ah, yes. When in doubt, shriek "Racist!"

    It's so much more fun than being limited to the truth, isn't it, Mikeb?

  2. It's because the NRA is a gun-rights organization, not a healthcare advocacy group. But as you well know, Mikeb, I support gun rights and a single-payer healthcare system.

    1. You have claimed in the past mental illness is the cause of some of the gun loons killing, so why doesn't the NRA support mental health evaluations, or at least mental health background checks as a prerequisite to a gun purchase?

    2. That's already the law. If you buy from a licensed dealer, you will have a background check done. But the NRA exists to defend gun rights, not support limits on them.

    3. No, mental health background checks are not the law as a requirement for buying a gun.

    4. Mental health background checks are part of NICS, and the NRA worked on legislation in 2007 to help fix reporting problems.

    5. TS, GC,
      Do you think a mental health evaluation, or at least a mental health background check should be required before a gun purchase?

    6. Background check, fine. Evaluation, No. There is a huge difference.

    7. There is a difference, that's why I separate the two.
      Interesting that GC has no comment and turned my "mental health" background check into just background check. More diversion from the professor.