Sunday, August 31, 2014

Government surveillance cameras?

OK, given that most of the CCTV cameras I see are owned by private individuals, this strikes me as amusing.


  1. Where would that be Laci?

    Even in our small college town, there are cameras at every major intersection.
    if you travel to Florida, you will see cameras at just about every intersection that has traffic lights.

    At the malls in Florida, every mall has at least one "Condor", an air conditioned cabin mounted on a scissor lift that extends 30 feet into the air. Not only do they have cameras in them, but also infrared sensors and other detection equipment. They also have the Mark One Eyeball too. ( The cop who rides up in the cabin to monitor the equipment and keep an eye out for nefarious characters.)

    1. I think you're confused. CCTV cameras owned and installed by businesses are owned by by private individuals. For example, a camera put up by--say, the Gap--is there to to prevent shoplifting and pilferage by employees as well as by customers,

      You need to understand the difference between 'public; and 'private' before embarrassing yourself further.

    2. Yeah, Mr. G. does that a lot.

  2. The police often go to business owners to see their camera recordings. It's not police, or government camera recordings. Lets hear another chorus of rage against "the man."

  3. For me, there's no problem in having CCTV cameras everywhere, as long as it's not tampering with my rights. After all, installing HD CCTV Cameras around our neighborhood will be beneficial for us because of obvious reasons.