Monday, September 1, 2014

Texas Lawful Gun Owner Kills his Friend Accidentally and Goes to Jail

Bret Anderson (Shelby County Jail)

Local news reports 

An East Texas man is sitting in the Shelby County Jail on Saturday after an accidental shooting left another man dead. 

According to Sheriff Willis Blackwell, the Shelby County Sheriff's Office responded to a call of an accidental shooting at a residence on County Road 1024.

Deputies say 25-year-old Bret Anderson and 21-year-old Taylor Keele were handling a 9 mm pistol when Anderson unintentionally fired the weapon. It struck Keele in the chest.

Keele was transported to a San Augustine hospital where he was pronounced dead upon arrival. Anderson was arrested and transported to the Shelby County Jail on a manslaughter charge.
Police say the incident is believed to be accidental, but is still under investigation.

Remember the rule:

The 8 ways to ensure you do time for an accidental shooting:

1. do it in a residential area
2. lie to the police
3. hide evidence
4. be drunk at the time
5. have drugs around
6. have neck tattoos
7. have dred locks
8. be black or Hispanic

Now he doesn't seem to have qualified for the last three, but either he did pretty good on the first 5 or else he was just an exception to the rule.

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