Saturday, September 6, 2014

Ohio Judges Declare Themselves a ‘Special Class’, Exempt from Carry Rules

( This from friends in OH:
“Judges of our 4th District Court of Appeals, which covers fourteen counties in southeastern OH, are, by their own one-sided ‘proclamation,’ are licensing themselves to carry concealed handguns, both while sitting on the bench and at all other times.
They are not extending that special privilege to anyone else!
This ‘proclamation‘ altogether bypasses the legal requirements, including training and proficiency, that we peons are required to obey in order to acquire state-issued concealed carry permits.
These judges travel from county to county holding hearings. While traveling, they are accompanied by a bailiff and an LEO, both armed.
One judge casually stated:
‘The probability of an (life-threatening) occurrence is, in reality, pretty low. But the impact, when it happens, is devastating.’
Is that so, your honor?
Well then, I suspect when anyone, even one of us lowly peons, encounters someone who is trying to murder us, one could also accurately describe the event as ‘devastating!’
Yet, the term, ‘devastating,’ apparently only applies to judges. When the identical thing happens to any of us mere insignificant tax-paying citizens, it is merely ‘unfortunate.’

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  1. No problem. No adult not currently incarcerated should need a permission slip to exercise her natural rights.

    1. Owning a gun is no more a natural right than owning a toaster is. Use your head instead of repeating the mindless NRA talking points.

    2. Bullshit Mike B. Self defense is an inherent right. It is as much a natural instinct as breathing.

      You would just rather a person defend themselves with their hands against a stronger attacker instead of evening the odds with a weapon, or have them call 911 and pray the cops get there in time.

    3. thatmrgguy,
      Bullshit, death by gunshot is ten times higher than defensive use with a gun.

    4. Mr. G., We were talking about the supposed natural right of owning a gun and your response is "Self defense is an inherent right. "

      What's wrong with you? Are you that dishonest?

      The way it works is like this:

      1. right to life
      2. right to self defense
      3 right to own some specific inanimate object.

      The third proposal does not follow.

  2. If you own your body, you have the natural right to defend it with the best tools. The police have no legal obligation to protect you from harm. Liberty, in case you've forgotten, is the soul's right to breathe. Without liberty, man is a syncope.

    1. And who decides what the best tools are? Wouldn't they include surface to air missiles for when the black helicopters come or claymore mines to secure your home's perimeter?