Monday, September 1, 2014

Georgia Legalizes Handgun Vending Machines

Come on, admit it.  Nothing like easy access to firearms, right?

In a ceremony today in Atlanta, Gov. Nathan Deal signed the Firearms Freedom and Accessibility Act (FFAA), which allows the sale of handguns in automated machines that accept cash, credit and debit cards.

The machines will be installed in grocery stores, convenience stores, bars, schools, airports and gas stations. They aren’t required to verify buyers’ identity and won’t perform background checks.

“Millions of people in Georgia lack access to quality firearms,” the governor said in a signing statement. “This bill will finally bring handguns from top manufacturers into every neighborhood and hopefully every household.

“By helping more Georgians to defend themselves, we expect this bill to lower crime significantly. By the end of my second term murder, rape and armed robbery should be nearly eradicated.”

The legislation comes just months after Georgia significantly loosened its gun laws. In April, Deal signed a so-called “guns everywhere” law which allowed registered gun owners to take their weapons nearly anywhere, including bars and government buildings.
BTW, I do know this is satire, but it's the can gun loons get any crazier than satire thing.  I know it's really hard to tell whether gunloons are crazy or engaging in self-parody.

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  1. Well, the entire fiction that felons should not have guns is obviously so much useless verbiage. I would imagine that the entire felon population of NY, NJ, DC, and anywhere on the East Coast is going to the location of this vending machine.