Monday, October 6, 2014

Harrison NC Councilman Shoots His Son During Domestic Dispute - No Charges - Lengthy Investigation Continues

Local news reports

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  1. Lengthy indeed, as I'm writing this, its been a whole 12 hours. And they are trying to put together exactly who shot the gun.

    1. Hi Sarge,

      I think the point of this story is that people who drink heavily and have anger issues probably are not the best people to own guns.

      I don't know why more normal people should own guns either. Beside the point.

      The guy was an elected politician in office. Had no more reason to own a gun than do I or any other normal person. He shot his own son in an altercation. That's enough to be one to the gonads for gun enthusiasts.

      Can't really spin this one as a win.

    2. Yeah, I'm sure it takes 12 hours to determine that.

    3. "What I object to is the need for a lengthy investigation BEFORE taking the responsible person in for questioning. I don't necessarily want them locked up until charges are brought and a trial can begin."

      This case doesn't sound much different than the case where you said this.

    4. "Can't really spin this one as a win."

      Howdy FJ,
      Long time, no see. Hope all is well with you and yours. I try not to spin things though I have to throw in the caveat that I'm also heavily into the innocent until proven guilty thing too.
      My critique of Mike's post had solely to do with the time span involved. I do see that revisiting the site shows that its been updated since I made my comment. What a difference an extra 12 hours can make when it comes to information available.
      Mike typically bemoans anything but the immediate arrest of someone in an instance of gun abuse. While I haven't been keeping track, 12 hours might be a record. If he had waited the 12 extra hours for the article to be updated, his concern would have been put to rest,

      "When deputies arrived they asked the councilman to surrender."

      It doesn't sound like anyone was making good decisions in this conflict. And though it doesn't come out and say it, it almost sounds like Mr. 3rd might have shot through the door! (trying really hard not to mention the Biden battle drill)
      I sincerely hope that they continue to follow this story as it continues to develop. One of my pet peeves regarding the media is that barring the public making it special, once an event falls outside the media's very short attention span, we normally never hear of it again.

    5. You are the biggest "spinner" on this site.

  2. God forbid they figure out who brought the gun, who fired it, and why.

    1. "God forbid?"
      Don't you think the shooter and circumstances should be found out? Probably, you do not.

  3. Big surprise an official connected to government was not arrested or taken into custody.

  4. Well...

    I've been out of town for three days. It's been four days since the last report. My guess is that this lengthy investigation will end in at least some type of modest charges.

    Hey ssgmarkcr,

    We're doing okay. I bought that new wagon I was telling you about. A brand new 2014 Expedition XL 4wd, oxford white. I had to fly into Sacramento and drive home 500 miles from Fairfield. What a trek/ordeal. Scored it for 40k. Saved at least 10k under what I would have paid in San Diego. Have to get up early to drive it out to the kids in Poway and make pancakes with nice strawberries from Oxnard before soccer practice.