Saturday, October 11, 2014

Quote of the Day

Nothing like letting the NRA babble:
Some would suggest that the rate of suicide may indeed be higher among firearm owners than non-owners. Gun owners are notably self-reliant and exhibit a willingness to take definitive action when they believe it to be in their own self-interest. Such action may include ending their own life when the time is deemed appropriate.
Source, which has again been mirrored.

Also, the idea to treat suicide as a matter of self-reliance is hilarious considering how much the right fights against things such as euthanasia and abortion.


  1. Well, Laci, since you fight for and support the killing of the innocent young who can in no way defend themselves, it should stand to reason that you would wholeheartedly support those that wish to kill themselves no matter the method. Abortions are for those that have a new life that's unwanted, suicide is for those that no longer want live. So what's the problem? These two things do run hand in hand anyway.

    Besides, you were the one that stated the world would be a much nicer place with much less population. With that comment, YOU should be supporting, or even requiring, unlimited gun ownership just so everyone could just kill each other off. Unquestioned abortion no matter the term. Hell, let's just start aborting ten year olds without question as well. That should make you really happy!!

  2. Great quote. I wondered if the mental mechanisms that lead one to owning guns in the first place might not make him predisposed to suicide when things get rough.

  3. They are all for protecting life until it comes to guns, then it's OK if 30,000 a year die. Gun loon thinking.