Thursday, October 30, 2014

West Virginia Man Arrested Promptly for Shooting his Friend

Local news reports


  1. There being a witness likely helped with that.

    "Christopher Harmon told Putnam County sheriff’s deputies he was in their trailer in Old Ferry Street Park off First Avenue when the two began arguing about bills. Smailes reportedly told Cobb to leave the trailer, but Cobb said he didn’t have anywhere else to go. “The witness said the argument escalated to the point that the defendant and the suspect were screaming at one another,” the complaint states. Harmon said Smailes grabbed a gun from a kitchen cabinet, pointed it at Cobb and shot him in the head. The witness said he then fled the trailer in fear for his life."

    1. Yet, in other cases where there are witnesses, interviews take days or weeks. Can't you admit there's no consistency in how these cases are handles?