Monday, December 1, 2014

Oklahoma Woman Wounded With her Own Gun Trying to Fend Off Robbers

Local news reports

A Tulsa resident has been hospitalized with a gunshot wound after she tried to fend off two people who tried to rob her at her north Tulsa home.

Tulsa police said she was outside having a yard sale in the 1600 block of North Evanston Avenue on Saturday afternoon when a man and woman approached her. Police said they aren't sure how at this time, but the trio somehow ended up inside the home's kitchen. 

According to TPD Sgt. Dedlorn Sanders, while the suspects began gathering up the victim's belongings, she produced a gun to defend herself. Sanders said the male suspect tried to wrangle the gun away from her, and the victim accidentally shot herself in the hand during the struggle.


  1. "Allicia Baily Love was taken into custody near the home in the 1600 block of North Evanston Avenue, after the victim was shot in a struggle.
    Officers say Love and a man went to the garage sale and robbed the woman who lived there, taking about $200 in cash. Love admitted to police that she knocked the woman to the floor and hit her while her companion took the money from a cash bag, according to an arrest report.
    The woman's 5-year-old daughter was home, and the victim reportedly asked Love to stop hitting her in front of the child.
    When the robbers let her up, police say the victim took a handgun from behind her back waistband and pointed it at them. The man grabbed the gun and struggled with the victim. Two shots were fired, one striking the victim in the hand, the report states."

    The only thing that disappoints me in this case is that the victim wasn't able to back up one more step, resulting in the proper person/persons being shot. Or perhaps the extra space would have resulted in the male robber from making a grab for the gun and electing to leave.

    1. It's good to see that the police have half the robbers in custody, and that the victim's injuries are apparently not extensive. Hopefully, she will get some more training (weapon retention training would seem especially indicated here), and be better prepared the next time she has to deal with such predatory filth.

    2. Yeah, that's all nice, Kurt, but in the meantime unfit bumbling gun owners like this one are adding to the problem. People like that owning guns make us all less safe not more.

    3. It doesn't require any "bumbling" (although I realize you have a visceral need to use that word on a frequent basis) to be shot in a struggle for a gun.

      In fact, did you happen to notice that the Armatix IP1 "smart gun" has been determined to not meet New Jersey's definition of "smart gun," because it can be fired anytime it's within 10 inches of the "magic wristwatch," regardless of who is wearing it? This prompted the state's attorney general to say:

      Situations may readily be envisioned in which an unauthorized individual gains access to the pistol in close enough proximity to the wristwatch component (by either maintaining possession of the pistol within 10 inches of the authorized user’s wrist on which he or she is wearing the watch, or by forcibly taking possession of the wristwatch), and therefore would be able to fire the weapon, despite the limiting technology.

  2. A perfect example of a gun being used against the gun owner. I wonder if she even knew how to shoot the gun. The robbers did not have guns.Another idiot gun loon.