Thursday, December 4, 2014

The Problem with Open Carry of Long Guns

Local news reports

(Surveillance video still)


  1. No matter what gun loons think - if this idiot was black the chances of him getting blown away by the badges is dozens of times higher.

  2. The "problem," I take it, is that a person openly carrying a long gun with no nefarious intent can look similar to a person openly carrying one with the intention to rob a place. OK, fine.

    On the other hand, someone carrying no weapon at all can look pretty similar to someone carrying a concealed firearm with the intention of robbing the place.

    1. Diversion by non-sequitur. You never disappoint, Kurt.

    2. Diversion by non-sequitur. You never disappoint, Kurt.

      Well now that's a . . . peculiar use of the term "non-sequitur." And in that regard, I'd say it's you who never disappoints.

  3. Why do gun loons want to walk around looking like criminals and wanting people to think/fear they will kill you at any moment?