Friday, December 5, 2014

San Bernardino DA Michael Ramos vs. Jon Stewart


  1. What a great use of tax payer extorted funds..Cops are no more a hero than the people who work in any other chosen occupation...And their continued assertion that they put their lives on line everyday to protect us is one of the biggest lies ever told they go to work everyday to make a living like the rest of us...Their jobs are less dangerous than a bunch of other professions police generally fall somewhere between 10th-12th in any given year ...I have had several cop friends of mine tell me over the years when dealing with cops to keep your eyes open and your mouth shut because they are trained to manipulate you into speaking against yourself. I have revised that to Eyes open ,Mouth shut, camera on


    1. I agree with you that cops shouldn't be considered heroes just for putting on the uniform. Do you feel the same way about the vets?

    2. Do you feel the same way about the vets?...Yes ..the guys and gals that are actually put in danger deserve our respect and praise...the people who never leave the US or the safety of our empire like bases around the world are just people who wanted a career or money to pay for school in my opinion..and this I apply to a post Draft military. Those who were Drafted against their wills got fucked


    3. "the guys and gals that are actually put in danger deserve our respect and praise"

      I don't think so. Most of them joined for all the wrong reasons and deserve neither respect nor praise. The rare ones who distinguish themselves through self-sacrifice and service to others during combat are different. But most of the lost souls who find themselves in battle for the government are pathetic and deserve only pity.