Thursday, December 4, 2014

Utah (Gun Paradise) School Shooting Narrowly Averted

It took about four hours for officers to clear the 1,700 students from the school.

The NY Daily News

A Utah high schooler was prepared to gun down a former love interest and “open fire” on fellow students on a suburban Salt Lake City campus, but was caught when a hero teen spotted the loaded handgun stuffed in the suspect’s waistband, police said.
The 16-year-old junior at Fremont High School in Plain City admitted to detectives he wanted to kill a girl with whom he’d once had a relationship before unloading “on the rest of the school.”
“The quick response by law enforcement officers and school officials most certainly prevented this terrible tragedy from occurring,” police said in a statement.
The unidentified teen faces misdemeanor gun charges in juvenile court after his arrest Monday, police said. A fellow student saw the handgun around noon and alerted a school resource officer, who confronted the boy about the weapon in the farming community in Weber County, about 45 miles north of Salt Lake City.


  1. If you want to go with your assertion that gun free zones don't attract shootings such as this, then I don't see how you can claim being a "gun friendly" would have any bearing either.

    1. Mike you seem to imply that since Utah has what you believe to be lax gun laws, that is somehow a contributing factor to the crime.
      As I've heard you say before, he people who commit these crimes pick the site based on the little voices in their head an the fact that its a gun free zone, or in this case, whether the laws in the state meet your standards, or not.

    2. Actually, my point with that parenthetic quip was to address the oft-cited claim that Utah schools have never had an incident.

  2. He has a loaded gun and stated his intention was to kill. Why would that only be a misdemeanor charge?