Tuesday, December 2, 2014

The War on Christmas is real!

Pa. Man Fires Rifle At Neighbor Hanging Christmas Lights

Story here


  1. A ricochet shot, just what SS said doesn't happen. Inagine that.

    1. As I remember it, Sarge was speaking about how firing ranges are designed to mitigate ricochet. I don't think he ever said suburban homes are designed to never ricochet when fired on, but maybe you remember it differently.

    2. Anti-Anonymous loves to remember things differently. I'd forgotten that exchange and wondered what he was basing his lie on. Now I remember the discussion where the point was that the design made a ricochet so unlikely that we were all amazed by such a freak accident occurring.

      Of course, it takes a bold liar to take the statement "Wow! A Ricochet happened There!" into "Ricochets don't happen."--one bold to the point of stupidity

    3. SS said ricochets were VERY rare, which of course is just a lie.

    4. First you claimed he said they didn't happen. Then you corrected your misstatement (lie?) to say that he said they were very rare, but you again left out the context wherein he was talking about ricochets at gun ranges which make it back to the firing line being very rare. You are incapable of telling the truth it would seem.

    5. SS is the one who lied. Take it up with him. You are incapable of understanding, probably because SS's lies are so thick it's hard to follow his logic, or because you are just an idiot. Both you have proven without a doubt. .