Friday, December 5, 2014

Phoenix: Another One


  1. So now they don't bother saying, "He was reaching into his waistband?" Gets kind of hard to prove when it's always a bare-assed lie. His car matched the description of a suspected drug dealer. What was it? A Nash Metropolitan? A Shelby Cobra? Actually, reading the TIME magazine account, they did make use of the time-honored, "hand-in-the-waistband" meme.

    It's enough just to be reaching into his pocket? Where every man in the U.S.A. keeps his keys unless he wears a fob or a chain? Reaching into his fucking pocket! Doesn't everybody keep a small pistol in their pocket? I know I do, just so it will be handy in case I need to kill someone. It's only a minor inconvenience. Makes it a little harder to get my car keys out. Do you suppose that the man kept his hand in his waistband or pocket the entire time he was trying to run away from the police?

    From TIME Magazine:

    Police spokesman Sgt. Trent Crump told reporters that the officer involved in Tuesday’s shooting approached an SUV on a suspected drug bust. The driver, Brisbon, exited the vehicle and appeared to remove something from the back seat, Crump said.

    According to Crump’s account, the officer called on Brisbon to show his hands, but Brisbon kept his hands in his waistband. The officer then drew a weapon, and Brisbon ran, prompting a short chase that ended when the officer caught up to Brisbon at a nearby apartment complex.

    In the ensuing struggle, the officer attempted to keep Brisbon’s left hand in his pocket, believing that Brisbon had a weapon there. When the officer could no longer keep Brisbon’s hand in his pocket, the officer fired two shots.

    Does that sound believable to you?

    Can you believe the police spokesman using the language of stand-your-ground gun bloggers saying that the police, "don't have a duty to retreat?"

    Fuck Arizona. Fuck the DEA. And fuck the police war on drugs. I mean they killed him, right? So if there was a gun or a weapon or some dope, they would have found it.


    I'll say it again, 99 per cent of cops give the rest of them a bad name.

    orlin sellers

  3. "Does that sound believable to you?" Yes.. killing people because they might have a weapon is what cops do..OFFICER SAFETY is the standard line when they violate your rights.

    "Can you believe the police spokesman using the language of stand-your-ground gun bloggers saying that the police, "don't have a duty to retreat?" They dont under the law in most states..The idiots you democrats and republicans have sent to state and local legislative bodies have made it abundantly clear that cops lives are worth more than those of the people that employ them..Thats why I now video all interactions with police even if it is just him or her saying hello while standing in line at Chipotle and even in those cases i generally do not respond to them

    I don't Think all these cops are racist the vast majority are just people who have been trained to be violent thugs and think they are superior to the citizenry. They have been trained to attack first for OFFICER SAFETY and the problem is only getting worse. This is not about ethnicity and until we the people become blind to such things the gov and its agency's will gladly use these issues to keep us distracted from the really shitty things they are doing to us


    1. "the problem is only getting worse" Sure seems so.

  4. Deadly force is not to be used for mere officer safety, but if the officer's life is in danger. There is a difference, but maybe the officer doesn't think so. These "victims" of the police that have become news were unarmed, so the public rightly asks if deadly force was necessary. Grand juries, juries, prosecutors, judges give the benefit of the doubt to a police officer over a citizen. Unfortunately those same people have been lying to cover for and make it appear the officer was correct. It will take federal investigators to break through local partisanship and come to a more fair conclusion.