Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Colorado Republicans Are Trying To Undo Recent Gun Control Measures

Huffington Post

Colorado Republican leaders have begun a legislative push to repeal recently passed gun control measures, reigniting one of the most intense political debates in recent history.

The first advance came Monday as discussion started on several measures in each chamber. One of the most prominent measures — a longshot bill that would undo expanded background-check requirements on private and online sales — was passed by a Senate committee.

Colorado, with Democrats in control of both chambers of state government and the governor's office at the time, was one of the only states to pass changes, including a measure limiting the size of ammunition magazines and another that expanded background-check requirements. But it came at great political cost. Two Democratic state senators were recalled over their support for the restrictions, and a third resigned as a campaign to oust her was mounting.

Republicans have maintained that the legislation is ineffective and burdensome to enforce, and they have made it a priority to go after the measures.

Monday's debates are the start of what is expected to be a session-long push by GOP leaders seeking to flex their new Senate muscle and pick up enough Democratic support in the House to make several changes.

The measure faces several legislative hurdles before it could become law and will face stiff opposition in the Democrat-led House. If it does pass, Gov. John Hickenlooper would be likely to veto it.

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  1. If there is enough support in both houses of congress (looking more likely today) the governor may veto it but could be successful without him, like happened in Illinois.

    Also taken from the Hickenlooper's own words recently when he said he wouldn't have signed it if he knew it was as bad as the new laws turned out kinda puts him on the spot. Lets see if he actually meant what he said and signs it into law, or lied about what he said and vetoes it.