Friday, February 6, 2015

Florida Backyard Gun Range Comes Down

Guns dot com suggested by George Jefferson

Now, with the city promising to prosecute him if he uses it, and a series of increasingly violent threats, the would-be target shooter has dismantled his range.

“I’ve gotten death threats out of this. People threatening to ‘SWAT’ my house, blowing it up with a bazooka,” Carannante told the Tampa Bay Times. “It’s been kind of scary. Sleeping with one eye open.”

It sounds to me like the only real threat was that of the city "promising to prosecute him if he uses it." He certainly doesn't sound like any gun rights advocate that we're familiar with, caving in over a few threats by the neighbors. And, interestingly, the ABC video report made no mention of the supposed threats by irate neighbors.


  1. I don't believe the death threats for a minute, but as this blog points out all the time, gun loons lie.

  2. So the crybabies shrieking, "Front yard gun range--think of the children!!!" will finally quit their whining now?

    1. Do you think they were wrong to complain about that?

    2. Do you think they were wrong to complain about that?

      Nah--the poor, persecuted crybabies have every right to be whining crybabies.

    3. How about a serious answer? Were they wrong?

    4. How about a serious answer? Were they wrong?

      I respect their right to complain, and since they achieved the result they wanted, I can hardly fault the effectiveness of their efforts.

    5. Nice evasion. You are the master at that. I didn't ask about its effectiveness. I asked about its rightness.

      Put it another way, Do you think the guy who built the gun range was in the right to do so?

      If you want to continue dodging this simple question, don't bother saying anything at all.