Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Third Shooting no Charm for Property Owner in Cleveland

Cleveland Shooter Miodrag Burgacic
Miodrag Burgacic

-(Ammoland.com)- Property owner Miodrag Burgacic defended himself and his property one too many times in crime ridden Cleveland.  He has shot people who were attempting to steal from him twice before, and been able to hold people without shooting them at least once.   No charges were filed in those incidents. From theblaze.com:
Miodrag Bugarcic seems to attract criminals like a magnet.
But because the Cleveland businessman has used firearms to thwart crimes on his property multiple times — once with lethal results — why crooks keep trying to rip him off is anybody’s guess.
After the third shooting, which happened on February 13th of last year, police found that Bugarcic shot at the burglary suspect as he fled.   From 19actionnews.com:
A plea deal for shooting and wounding a man he said he’d found stealing wire in an empty old industrial building he owns on Cleveland’s east side.
Cuyahoga county prosecutors say Bugarcic shot the guy coming in to the warehouse, then twice more running away.
That seems to be the basis for the assault charge.   Bugarcic faces time in prison, but I do not know the details of the plea bargain.  But now that he has plead guilty, he will have a felony conviction for assault.  He will not be able to legally own a firearm.   There might be credit for time served, or probation.  From 19actionnews.com:
Bugarcic faces two to eight years in prison. The price he’ll pay for protecting his property but going too far.


  1. Where is the bias in the reporting there? Do tell.

    1. The tone of the article is all about the poor "property owner," how he won't be able to own guns anymore after just protecting his property. The emphasis should have been on the gross criminality of shooting someone in the back who's running away.