Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Badger Guns Jury Trial Begins

Local news

On Monday, two Milwaukee Police officers filed the second lawsuit against a local gun dealer in recent months.

In the last two years, people used weapons sold at Badger Guns to shoot six Milwaukee Police officers.

Two more injured officers filed suit against the gun dealer.

Graham Kunisch and Bryan Norberg have permanent disabilities since being shot at close range by 18-year old Julius Burton last summer.

On Monday, they joined other officers in the suit against Badger Guns for being negligent when selling the guns used to shoot them.
“Badger Guns needs to be held accountable for irresponsibly supplying guns to criminals who have shot and seriously wounded brave Milwaukee police officers,” said Paul Helmke, President of the Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence in a statement.
“We proudly stand with law enforcement against corrupt gun dealers whose reckless and illegal conduct places police officers in harms way.”

"In some years, it's found to be the number one seller of crime guns in the country," said Jonathan Lowy of the Brady Center.
"It's our hope that we can bring compensation to these brave, heroic victims also to send a message to send a message to sellers like Badger (that) if they profit off of selling guns to criminals, they have to pay the consequences."


  1. When victims of mass shootings tried the same thing the pro gunners supported the gun dealers.

  2. If they are crooked, go for it, but I can't help but wonder if this is going to be another of the Brady Campaign's failed suits that just wastes money and potentially opens these cops up to having to pay Badger's attorney bills.

    1. IF they're crooked? You must be kidding. Badger has been making the news for years.

  3. Well, it looks like the trial is delayed until September at least:


    Apparently the Brady Campaign had been told that pictures of this sign and some other information was inadmissible in court. Since they wouldn't get to present it to the jury in court they violated the State rules and published all of the inadmissible information online and got it into the local media.

    The judge apparently fined them the cost to the county of bringing in jurors for the day and, whether he twisted their arms or not, they have withdrawn from the case. My guess, given his comments to them about not knowing how things were done in New York or DC, is that they are out of state attorneys who had been granted ad hoc admission for this case (that's how this type of thing is often done whether it's Brady lawyers or NRA, SAF, etc.) and that this was allowed as the honorable way for them to get out without further sanctions on them or the local counsel who failed to keep them in line.

  4. Crooked anti gun group more like it Mike

    1. Yeah, right. That's why a disproportionate number of their guns end up in criminal hands and that's why these two cops are the latest to be suing them. It's a lies and conspiracy. Badger is really a reputable operation, right George?

    2. I was referring to the way in which the anti group attempted to influence any potential jurors by posting information which the judge had ruled inadmissible resulting in the removal of the groups attorneys from the case....If Badger is found guilty of any crimes they should be held accountable however I as well as you do not have all the information involved in this case and should not be so arrogant as to find someone guilty of a crime before they have had their day in court......

    3. Sure, George, we'll be very careful not to pre-judge the case. We never do that, do we?