Monday, April 13, 2015

Ohio 3-Year-old Shoots and Kills a 1-Year-old

Local news reports

A three-year-old boy in Cleveland, Ohio shot and killed a one-year-old boy after picking up a handgun that had been left unattended inside a home on Sunday.
The infant was rushed to hospital with a gunshot wound to the head but was later pronounced dead, reports the Associated Press.
Investigators were trying to determine where the gun came from, Cleveland Police Chief Calvin Williams told reporters.
“It’s a sad day for Cleveland,” said Williams. “This fascination that we have with handguns, not just in this city but in this country, has to stop. This is a senseless loss of life.”
I guess Police Chief Williams is one of those political hacks who just doesn't understand.


  1. Interesting that while Ohio doesn't seem to have a child access law on the books, there still seems to be a belief that the owner can be prosecuted.

    "Investigators are trying to determine where the gun came from, Williams told reporters gathered outside the East 63rd Street home Sunday afternoon.
    The gun was left inside the house unattended, and the person responsible for bringing the weapon into the home and leaving it where a small child could get to it will likely face charges, he said."

    1. What they need is mandatory safe storage. More gun owners would comply with that than with a non-specific keep-it-out-of.the-reach-of-the-kiddies law.

  2. It's the pro gunners who don't get it.