Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Cop Killer Rosenberg Dies in Prison

The Daily News reports on the death of the famous cop killer Jerry Rosenberg.

Rosenberg and a pal killed Detective Luke Fallon, and Detective John Finnegan, in a botched robbery at the Boro Park Tobacco Co. in Brooklyn on May 18, 1962.

It was the first double-slaying of city police officers in more than 30 years. Nearly 1,000 officers hunted for the killers.

The News article centers around Joan Scheibner, the daughter of Luke Fallon, one of the slain officers. She was 28 at the time her father was killed. Sadly, the intervening 47 years were not sufficient to soften her heart.

"He was the scum of the Earth," Scheibner, 75, said of Rosenberg, who died Monday, at 72. He was the longest-serving inmate in the state prison system.

"He killed my father, and another officer, and didn't reform no matter what anyone might say. At least now he will never get out," Scheibner said from her Pennsylvania home.

Scheibner also said that her mother and the wife of officer Finnegan never got over the trauma.

What's your opinion? Is that the normal reaction to something like this? I have no personal experience with this kind of thing, thank goodness. But it seems a shame to me to spend one's entire lifetime immersed in such hatred. Are people like these the exceptions to the rule?

What do you think about his being denied parole every two years since the 80s? Is that because he'd killed cops? If that's the reason, I don't agree with it. How about you?

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