Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Chicago's Bloody Weekend

The Chicago Sun-Times reports on another bloody weekend in The Windy City.
A bloody weekend of gun violence spilled into Monday, leaving 10 dead and nearly 60 men, women and children wounded all around the city.

Investigators tied some of the shootings in the Gresham and Englewood neighborhoods to stepped-up in-fighting among Gangster Disciple gang members.

And some of the violence on the West Side was attributed to retaliation over the slayings of three men found shot dead early Saturday in the 2300 block of South Springfield.

But the remainder of the shootings followed no pattern and were not being tied together, leaving emergency rooms busy, investigators with scores of open cases -- and national newcasts focusing on Chicago violence.

The youngest victim was a 1-year-old girl who suffered a graze wound to her neck when shots rang out at a barbecue about 12:15 a.m. Monday on the Near West Side.

The 10 dead included a man dressed in women's clothing found dead on a sidewalk in the 7500 block of South Halsted Street, two naked men found dead near railroad tracks in the 900 block of South Holland and the three men found in and around a car on South Springfield.

Instapundit made his usual sarcastic remark, which fails to take into account that every one of the guns use had previously been the property of a lawful gun owner.

Alan Gottlieb played with the truth, in his usual fashion. In this latest article which contains a list of each victim you can plainly see what a distorted version Gottlieb tried to sell.

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  1. > every one of the guns use had previously been the property of a lawful gun owner.

    We don't know that. They could have been stolen from another criminal, purchased from another criminal, lost/discarded by another criminal, borrowed from another criminal, "legally purchased" via the crime of fraud, or even "legally purchased" via an illegial straw purchase.