Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Youngstown Mayor Jay Williams

Vindy.com reports from Ohio.

In the aftermath of a weekend shooting that left a 17-year-old girl dead and a star football player critically injured, Mayor Jay Williams pledged Sunday night the city will swiftly crack down on gun violence.

The city, in cooperation with federal authorities, will embark on the Violence-Gun Reduction Interdiction Program to clear guns from the city’s streets this summer, Williams said. Last month, Youngstown Police Chief Jimmy Hughes and Williams said that combining resources with the feds will ultimately mean more guns off the streets and longer prison sentences for those using guns to commit crimes.
What do you think that actually means? Is it a real program, this Interdiction thing, or just pressure on the police to do their job?

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  1. Skeptical optimism.

    If the focus is to "keep guns off the streets" than it is less likely to suceed than those programs taht also include anti-gang and drug deterrance approaches.

  2. Well, he has all the laws in place already to crack down on those criminals, so go for it.