Saturday, June 26, 2010

Chicago Cop Gets Probation

The Chicago Sun Times reports on the sentencing of an off-duty cop who pulled a gun on a cabbie over a fare dispute.

An off-duty Chicago Police detective who pointed a gun at a cabbie over a fare dispute avoided jail time Thursday -- a resolution that angered the victim.

"I think they gave him a [break] because of his" job, cabbie Karl Clermont told the Chicago Sun-Times after the sentencing. "Any normal civilian who would pull a gun on a person would have gotten a jail sentence. I feel like he's a disgrace to the badge."

John Killackey faced up to one year in jail after being found guilty last month of aggravated assault and theft of service for the April 23, 2009, incident. Instead, Judge Thomas Byrne imposed 18 months' probation and 60 hours' community service.

The article did not make it very clear if he lost his job and became a disqualified person for his trouble. Do you think a conviction for aggravated assault implies both those sanctions?

If that's the case, I don't have any problem with his not going to jail. What I oppose is the slap-on-the-wrist punishment which leaves the offender armed and dangerous.

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  1. "We need gun control to know who the bad guys are."

    That is a common line that DC, Chicago, or NYC police chiefs repeat.

    Those departments are so gun-fearing that they shoot themselves and kids with wallets.

    Perhaps those chiefs need to go back to criminal justice school and learn more reliable methods of identifying criminals.