Monday, June 7, 2010

Muslims Taking Over published an open letter to Mayor Bloomberg and others about the proposed mosque in lower Manhattan.

Dear Mayor Bloomberg, Lower Manhattan Community Board, citizens of downtown NYC, and all politically correct thinkers of America. The great investigative journalism of Andy Solits together with the NYPost has begun to expose the truth about Iman Feisal Abdul Rauf. Just to recap the background information, Iman Feisal is the person behind the “Cordoba Initiative’s” purchase of the Burlington Building that is being proposed as a 13-story mosque and center, The Cordoba House, footsteps from Ground Zero. Iman Feisal plans on raising $100-150 million to construct this mosque for over 2,000 Muslims who will come to pray and play. Sounds innocent enough to some, but is really cloaked to hide their true agenda, the foothold in America for 'Sharia Law'.

Talk about conspiracy theories, this one takes the cake. Don't these people realize it's the Mexicans who are taking over America not the Muslims? I'll bet the same people who support this hysteria are also upset about the illegal Mexican immigrants.

Another thing they're forgetting is how big and strong the United States is, how vast it is in cultural diversity. It's not called the Melting Pot for nothing. The idea that Muslims could take over and achieve "Sharia Law" is so ridiculous that it leaves me speechless.

Besides, wouldn't the 80 million gun owners rise up and protect us if need be?

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