Friday, June 11, 2010

Virginia to New Jersey

The Windsor-Heights Herald reports on the latest crackdown in gun trafficking into New Jersey from Virginia.

An East Windsor man was one of nine men indicted on gun trafficking charges late last week.

Amoi Smith, 21, of Chestnut Willows Apartments, was accused along with four Virginia men of aiding Trayle Beasley, 29, of Trenton, who lead a network that trafficked guns from the Eastern Shore of Virginia to Trenton, said the indictment released May 27.

Mr. Smith, who remained at large Thursday, allegedly traveled to Virginia with Mr. Beasley on trips to get guns. Mr. Beasley was allegedly selling guns to drug dealers and gang members in Trenton, and preferred dealing in revolvers because they do not leave shell casings at crime scenes.

No wonder the criminals are winning. Smart ideas like that about the shell casings staying in the revolver will go a long way. But these particular guys weren't smart enough for the Jersey cops. And when the cops and the prosecutors get upset, look at what they do.

According to township police, Mr. Smith was charged in March 2009 with possession of a weapon, possession of a defaced weapon, possession of under 50 grams of marijuana with intent to distribute in a school zone, hindering apprehension, obstructing police and possession of narcotics paraphernalia.

That "intent to distribute in a school zone" is probably good for some extra years, don't you think?

What's your opinion? Are those easily acquired guns in Virginia just flowing up the I-95 Iron Pipeline? Sounds like it, huh?

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  1. "What's your opinion? Are those easily acquired guns in Virginia just flowing up the I-95 Iron Pipeline? Sounds like it, huh?"


    I thought you had posted that Virginia's gun rationing scheme had made them insignificant in the illegal gun trade and the "pipeline" had to look for another source? So which is it?

    No wonder you like Jade Gold so much. He flip flops like a Massachusetts' politicion as well: The NRA is evil and responsible for all gun deaths--the NRA is small and not powerful. Just depends which way he's thinking that day.

    One day Virginia is the evil purveyor of death, the next their gun rationing scheme is working and making them less significant contributor to the pipeline because of gun rationing. You are starting to sound a little like Jade sans the dick jokes and outright lying.

  2. FWM, The recent post in which the author I linked to, not I, said Virginia is no longer the chief supplier of illegal guns, was about Maine. There, it's now easier for gun traffickers to get their stuff from Vermont and New Hampshire, I think it was.

    This post is about New jersey, where apparently they're still doing a brisk business with Virginia.

    Obviously, we need to tighten up that one-gun-a-month law to maybe one a year. That's a joke. But the serious part would be that although VA is still a big suppler to NJ, it used to be much worse.