Sunday, June 6, 2010

Organized Crime - Monsanto Style

Il Principe recommended a wonderful and eye-opening film called Food, Inc. Although they don't mention Monsanto in their trailer, the main message I took from the movie was that Monsanto is run by the biggest bunch of gangsters in the world. I wondered if that's what The Prince was referring to in his recent comment.

the military industrial complex has transformed into the the corporate political complex.

The thing that struck me about Monsanto in the film, Food, Inc. was the decades-long conspiracy they've engaged in with Justice Thomas and others to gain control of the food supply, the way they've moved the entire world, not only the United States, into dependency on genetically modified foods, and especially the way they now own, OWN, almost all the seeds.

The whole nasty business is well demonstrated by their product called Round Up.

What's your opinion? Please leave a comment.


  1. Round-up is the best product ever, as you would know if you grew your own food.

    Also, you sound like the gun-nut conspiracy theorists.

  2. If the anonymous commenter watched the movie, he would see that the statements of a corporate political complex are true. Perhaps all the e. coli tainted spinach, oil tainted shrimp, and genetic modified chicken they are reading is contaminating their brain.

  3. "as you would know if you grew your own food."

    You apparently didn't read my statement, or did not understand what I was implying.

    What is your brain contaminated with?

  4. Anonymous, Is your point that you grow your own food and know from that experience that the Round-up product is a good one?

    Are you the same anonymous commenter who does not own a gun and sometimes writes long 3-part comments.

  5. Yes, and yes.

    Round-up (and Crossbow) are excellent tools.
    Using them, we've cleared patches of invasive rose (eeevil stuff), made a barrier & dead zone to keep voles out, and killed off grass to bring new areas into cultivation.
    Our only problem is not being able to eat it all.

    When Il Principe gets his experience from gardening rather than watching propaganda films, I'll be more inclined to listen to his opinions.

  6. Oh, and price, reading chicken is too difficult for an uncultured Anglo like me.
    Especially genetic modified chicken.

    Maybe I'll ask my hens to tutor me.

  7. Anonymous said, "Our only problem is not being able to eat it all."

    Aren't you concerned that the same guys who made Agent Orange and DDT and insisted it was safe, are the guys making this stuff?

    Do you think they only used to be that unscrupulous but now they're moral and responsible?