Saturday, June 12, 2010

The Other Hardest Working Gun Blogger

When I was writing about Linoge before, I'd momentarily forgotten about John Lott. Any crown which Linoge would earn as hardest working might have to be shared. published an opinion piece, one of those fair and balanced ones, by Prof. Lott. In it, he incredibly makes a case for Europe being more gun-violent than the United States. You have to read it to believe it.

The appeal I made about Linoge in the other post won't be necessary in this case, however.

Please, I'm looking for one pro-gun voice to admit that Linoge is a bit of a bullshitter.

How often we've heard John Lott criticized, even by his own. But what do you think about this op-ed? One thing came to my mind is how often the pro-gun crowd will accuse us of "dancing in the blood" of the victims. And, how often will they accuse us of being hypocrites.

For folks who claim to have the Bible as well as the Constitution on their side, plus all that "inalienable rights" and "natural rights" business, why do they have to resort to so much tricky nonsense?

What's your opinion? Please leave a comment.


  1. I was most interested in the Sikh temple case. A religion which requires its followers to carry a tool of self-defense, six armed attackers, and only one person killed?

    It seems a similar case occurred in Sacramento--one person killed, and the attacker is subdued by the people.

  2. One of Linoge's many, many problems is that someone once told him he was a good writer.

    I suspect it was his mom who home-schooled him. Not saying home-schooling is bad; some kids really benefit from it if done correctly. This, unfortunately, was not the case with Linoge.

    Linoge suffers from that malady common to bad writers everywhere: thinking that 600 words is better than 50. As a result, Linoge will bore a reader into numbness simply because he is unwilling to concisely express a thought.

    Of course, lack of brevity isn't his only failing. He simply isn't very bright. And I suspect he knows it--that's why he is unwilling to discuss the issues with anyone except those who agree with him.


  3. Anonymous mentioned, "A religion which requires its followers to carry a tool of self-defense."

    That's Christianity according to some of our favorite gun bloggers.

  4. Sikism and Christianity are both religions that hold peace with high regard. On this subject they differ in Christianity leaves it an option for the follower--two swords among twelve disciples is enough. In contrast a Sikh gathering would have at least twelve.