Saturday, July 24, 2010

Crazy In Tennessee

Where to start?

I suppose we could start with the fact Tennessee is the birthplace of the KKK. The Klan is still quite active in the Volunteer state.

We could also start with the fact the Teabaggin' Linoge has adopted TN as his home state, thus lowering an already abysmally low collective IQ even further.

We could begin with TN's lack of gun laws that has TN in the top 5 states for gun homicides per capita.

However, today, we will shall start with Rep. Zach Wamp (R-CrazyTN). Wamp is a TN Congressman who flunked out of college because he liked Tennessee Sippin' Whiskey and Peruvian Marching Powder waaay too much. Of course, since he found God or Dolly Parton or Wayne LaPierre whatever, he just sleeps with a gun at his head. Literally:
"I sleep with a gun next to my head and I'm not going to tell you what it is or frankly who it's titled to."

The cokehead alcoholic who sleeps with a gun next to his head wants to be Governor of Crazy Tennessee. In an interview, Wamp said that if Health Care Reform wasn't repealed, TN would have to secede.

All I can say is--go ahead. Please go.


  1. Ah, thanks, luv. Yes, there's quite a bit for Tennessee to be embarrassed about these days. But ya know, the worst thing about Tennessee these days is that the Democrat running for Governor, who will face either Zach Wamp or some other clone, is every bit as bad.

    Seriously. Tennessee is unfortunately living up to its reputation as the last refuge of hayseeds hicks. Breaks my heart, I tells ya.

  2. It just gets worse and worse for TN. They've always had a bad reputation, but where are they headed?

    One thing Sothern Beale reminded me of, which I often think about Texas, is there are a lot of good people there.