Monday, July 19, 2010

Washington State Park Shooting

The Seattle Times reports on a deadly shooting which took place in a State park near Seattle.

A shooting at a state park near Seattle that left two dead and four wounded stemmed from an argument between two groups, one of which was celebrating a birthday party, investigators said Sunday.

King County Sheriff's Sgt. John Urquhart said killed in the shooting Saturday night at Lake Sammamish State Park were one man from each group: a 33-year-old from Kent, Wash., and a 30-year-old from Seattle.

The park is about 20 miles east of downtown Seattle.

One of the dead men was found with a gun on his body, while the other was not found with a weapon, Urquhart said. Their names were not released.

The violence erupted around 9 p.m. at the edge of the lake between the two groups, who were about 50 to 75 yards apart. Urquhart said investigators are still determining what the groups were arguing about and what caused the dispute to escalate into gunfire.

Isn't Seattle the place where they had that big controversy about the laws allowing guns in parks? Or would this State park be covered by the law Obama signed last year, Obama the biggest anti-gun president in recent memory?

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  1. Technically, the struck-down ban was city parks, not state parks, which are not national parks either.

    It's already a misdemeanor to discharge a firearm in the state parks. No exception for self-defense.