Friday, July 23, 2010

Those Law and Order Types

"Imagine if he'd had a gun."


  1. God, is Fox something else or not?

    Why not have these babes in bikinis jumping up and down on a trampoline?

  2. Thank God that dumb bastard didn't have a gun. He could be looking at murder charges.

  3. "Why not have these babes in bikinis jumping up and down on a trampoline?"


  4. "Imagine if he'd had a gun."

    Ding, dong, Darwin.

  5. Flying Junior is right. We've discussed more than a few stories of guys just like this one who'd been armed and ended up doing a little excessive action.

    They always say what this one did, they were afraid for their families, blah blah balh.

    I think the attitude is something quite different. People like this have anger problems. The ones who open the door and chase the bad guys down, are people who are so self-righteously furious at the offense that they lose all common sense. Sometimes they're the macho blowhard types we read on some gun blogs, the ones who are obsessed with their rights. But, the last thing they are is afraid for their families.

    I suggest these people are more dangerous than the real bad guys.